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IRS Forms and Publications

Uniform Lifetime Table

Joint Life Table

Single Life Table

2016 Instructions 1099-R and 5498
2017 Instructions 1099-R and 5498

2016 Form 1099-R (Distributions From Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, etc)
2017 Form 1099-R

2016 Form 1099-SA (Distributions From an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA)
2017 Form 1099-SA

Form 5329 (Additional Taxes on Qualified Plans and Other Tax-Favored Accounts)
Instructions Form 5329

Form 8606 (Nondeductible IRAs - Internal Revenue Service)
Instructions Form 8606

Form 8889 (Health Savings Accounts (HSAs))
Instructions Form 8889

2016 Form 5498 (IRA Contribution Information)
2017 Form 5498

2016 Form 5498-SA (HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA Information)
2017 Form 5498-SA

Publication 590-A (IRAs)

Publication 590-B (IRAs)

Publication 1220 Specifications for Filing Forms 1098, 1099, 5498 and W-2G Electronically or Magnetically

Publication 560 (Retirement Plans for Small Business (SEP, SIMPLE and Qualified Plans)

Publication 969 (Health Savings Accounts and Other Tax-favored Health Plans)

Internal Revenue Bulletins

Index of Applicable Federal Rates (AFR) Ruling


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